James Burchill
James Burchill
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About James C. Burchill

James is a software developer, bestselling author and instructor. He wrote and sold his first software program when he was 9.
Later, as a teenager living in Africa, he was paid to write a regular column for an English newspaper. He graduated UWE Bristol International College with a background in Computer Science. When Oracle UK hired James, he was their youngest Consultant ever employed, he was just 18. James' subsequent successful career took him many times around the world and he now calls Canada home. Finally, after achieving the role and working for a few years as a 'VP of IT & Consulting,' James became a freelancer in 2000. James is also a former adjunct professor at Sheridan and McMaster University and has written 3 bestselling business, marketing and technology books. In 2010, James attained certification as an Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Coach. As of 2014, James has created over a dozen online courses and trained more than 32,000 people in 162 countries. James is a certified Evernote (Productivity) Consultant. He's also a certified ManyChat bot agency partner. James writes/codes daily.